Flexible Machine Washable Durable
Multi-layered construction with proprietary engineered military-grade fiber & super flexible premium grade rubber outsole.


Patent Pending


The Nomad is a barefoot shoe 

designed to fit naturally around the

foot. Ideal for training & walking. 

Stronger bodies start with stronger feet.



Barefoot running requires a minimum of 6 months of gradual transition. Give your feet time to build strength. Please email us if you need help.


"The Nomad allows for the natural biomechanics of the foot and

lower body like no other minimalist closed-toe shoe I’ve seen."

Daniel Howell, Ph.D. of Biology & Author of The Barefoot Book | Liberty University

Highly recommended!

Quick context. I’ve delt with a lateral pelvic tilt (uneven pelvis) for some time. For a year now I’ve known it’s stemmed from my feet so I started training barefoot, but not all gyms are okay with this. So I’ve experimented with all kinds of shoes. Then I found Kinis, there really is no better barefoot-style shoe out there. I’ve never been able to connect to the ground in the same way I can with the Nomads. I could not recommend this product more!

Tyler E.

 Laurel Springs, NJ, USA