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Traditional athletic shoes weaken feet and confine natural movement with their harmful and rigid support structure.

This results in poor posture add stress on joints and increase the risk of injury over time. So, we created a range of minimalist footwear to help you build more durable feet and to encourage your body’s natural biomechanics within your active lifestyle.

78% of Americans have experienced foot injuries 

and issues relating to body mechanics as a result of wearing dysfunctional shoes.

We are Building the Future of High Performance + High Precision Training Driven by AI.


Our Mission

To build a back to basics movement that helps people move naturally.


Daily Walking Shoes 

Inspired by the foot's natural biomechanics
Designed for all-day comfort.


Natural foot movement

is essential for proper body mechanics.

"A vast improvement over other minimalist/barefoot shoes."

Dr. Lisa Miller | Department of Podiatric Medicine Johns Hopkins Community Physicians


Approved Foot Health Benefits 

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance 

Our science-driven design methodology and advanced manufacturing process resulted in a line of innovative and 

functional footwear that helps people move naturally and promotes good foot health.

Highly Recommended!

Love my Lucy shoes! They feel amazing! This was my second pair. I had to exchange these for a different size, and your customer service is top notch!!! Thank you for a great product, and caring about your customers!

Melissa R.

 Balch Springs, TX, USA

The Ultimate Minimalist Pro-Training Shoes 

Designed to unleash your body’s full potential.


Train Naturally