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Benefits of Barefoot Exercise

Barefoot exercise allows the activation of foot muscles to build more durable feet and legs.

Gripping the floor with toes improves balance and form, and helps reduce the risk of injuries. 

Exercising barefoot builds a strong and healthy arch.


How to Use 

Barefoot exercise requires a slow transition period to avoid foot injuries, and we were hoping you to do it safely and successfully. Below are our recommendations based on thousands of training hours. Please follow us on Instagram @kinisbarefoot for training videos. 


Let's move 


Barefoot Strong

Our feet are weakened after many years, sheltered in shoes, and it is imperative to take the time training them slowly to regain strength without injuries. Individual results are varied; the key to success is staying consistent with the training, and doing it gradually. At Kinis, we are committed to helping you build more durable feet and a healthier body. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at

Indoor Fitness

Five Weeks Training Per Step | 45min per day | 4x per week.  


  1. Walk-in barefoot socks, avoid landing on heels.

  2. Lift light weights with feet planted evenly on the floor.

  3. Grip floor with toes, move up in weight as needed.

 Indoor Wellness

Wear for all low impact activities.


  1. Walk-in barefoot socks, avoid landing on heels.

  2. Move toes and bend the foot to activate muscles.


Disclaimer: The information provided is for reference only and is not a substitute for advice from a physician. 

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