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  • 01. Why do you call the Nomad “barefoot” or barefoot-like?
    The Kinis Nomad aims to deliver as close to a barefoot experience as possible while still offering protection and a thin slip resistant sole (see also question 06). Some people refer to the Nomad as high performance sock-like footwear because looking at them from the top they resemble a sock and are just as comfortable.
  • 02. Do you recommend the Nomad for running?
    The Nomad was designed for indoor exercises like Crossfit, Yoga, Weight Lifting, Martial Arts and to wear around the Office and even at Home. It is important that even with those activities you gradually strengthen your foot muscles and tendons after years of constrictive shoe use. Running in the Nomad requires a gradual transition to prevent inju
  • 03. How long will the Nomad last?
    This is tricky to answer because it depends on how you use them, how often and what exercises or on what floor surfaces. For moderate use they should last a year, for intense use this may be reduced to 6-8 months. The sock itself is extremely durable made with Kinis's blend of proprietary engineered materials and Honeywell Spectra® Fiber but at some point you will wear down the rubber sole.
  • 04. I have a foot condition or am recovering from an injury are Kinis Nomad for me?
    The Nomad with it’s sock-like fit is super comfortable but you should consult with a medical professional for more personalized advice. The Nomad is designed to mirror the natural shape and design of your feet preserving sensory feedback (no arch support by design).
  • 05. How does your sizing work?
    Kinis offers 6 different sizes (see size chart below). The sock-like design allows for some stretch for optimum fit. It is perfectly acceptable if your toes slightly overhang the thin rubber sole provided they feel comfortable and don’t impede your intended use.
  • 06. Are you socks slip resistant?
    The bottom of the Nomad is made of kinis's proprietary rubber, it provides excellent slip resistant protection on dry surfaces. Customers tell us they love to wear them around the house. The Nomad was designed for indoor exercise, home office, hotel room, etc. The slip performance on (water) wet or surfaces contaminated with other liquids will vary depending on the base flooring material but be we do not claim slip resistant on wet or contaminated surfaces.
  • 07. Can I wash my Nomad in a washing machine?
    Yes! the Nomad can be washed separately. We do recommend air drying your Nomads, do not use a dryer as this may damage your favorite footwear.
  • 08. What are your return policies?
    We offer free returns and exchanges in 48 contiguous United States. Product must be in new condition with original packaging. Please submit request online on the Return page.
  • 09. In the Contiguous US you list flat shipping rate of $8.00 what do you charge for shipping to Hawaii, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.?"
    We charge our actual shipping cost for shipping our products to customers in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Canada and to other countries. The customer is responsible for any import duties imposed. We will update these shipping policies as we onboard more export partners
  • 10. Can I wear the Nomad with socks?
    Yes! By wearing with socks you will be able to feel a tighter fit and get a little extra cushion at the foot sole.
  • 11. What is the difference between the Nomad and Lucy?
    Nomad is a barefoot sock ideal for fitness applications, the Lucy is a daily walking shoes. If you are new to minimalist footwear we recommend starting with the Lucy.
  • 12. What is the difference between the Nomad and Nomad Lite?
    Nomad Lite is for indoor only, the Nomad is made from our ultra-strong military grade fiber Suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
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