Graduated Compression Calf Sleeves


Graduated compression sleeves enhance your athletic performance and speed up the post-workout recovery.  Designed to improving circulation, reduces vibrations on active muscles.


Size: Small/Medium=Calf Girth: 12.5”-15” 

Size: Large/XLarge=Calf Girth: 15”-Up


Care Instructions

Machine wash in cold water

Tumble dry low 

Do not dry clean or bleach

  • Design Features

    20-30mmHg Compression

    Natural-fit design

    Ribbed Construction

    Moisture wicking

    Nylon & Spandex 



  • Return & Refund

    If you are not happy with our products, we will refund your money. At Kinis we're committed to designing and making the best quality products that work for all body types, all lifestyles, and all fitness levels.

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December 06, 2018

Kyle Adams, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Loved the true barefoot feel with a sole that has awesome traction.

September 11, 2019

Annie Hoilman | Personal Trainer

The Nomad 804 has been a blessing in disguise. This footwear has changed how I’ve performed during my workouts and makes it simple and easy to slip something onto my feet on a need-to-go basis. As a lover of all things minimalist, the design of the Nomad 804 is both pleasing to the senses and my wallet.

October 07, 2019

Kay Jungle | Certified Personal  trainer & Natural Movement Coach 

The Nomad 804 is my everyday footwear for most physical and all non-physical activities. My feet thanks me every time I put on a pair of the Nomad 804  Kay Jungle Certified Personal  trainer & Natural Movement Coach 

November 11, 2018

Daniel Howell, Ph.D. of Biology & Author of The Barefoot Book

Natural foot movement is essential for proper body movement. These days, lots of shoes are marketed as minimalist, but few live up to the claim. Kinis allow for the natural biomechanics of the foot and lower body like no other minimalist, closed-toe shoe I’ve seen.


November 05, 2018

Dave Robinson | Peronal Trainer & Elite OCR Athlete

As an early adopter of the minimalist footwear movement (old school Nike Frees and Vibram 5 Fingers) I’m pretty in tune with what goes on my feet and in my body. I recently had the pleasure of testing the Nomad 804 from Kinis and I love them! They are the perfect piece of functional footwear, providing just enough support to keep me safe from rocks and glass while still allowing me to feel the ground and walk like I’m barefoot. Highly recommend these!

November 02, 2018

Dr. Milan L. | Sports Chiropractor

I have been using them on days when I do my workouts on my 3rd floor. I usually start that workout by walking on a treadmill while doing farmers-carries. I really like the product. they feel great and I'm not getting any slippage


May 07, 2018

Alex S. | Personal Trainer

They are great!! I have worn the nomad barefoot every day for my training this week. Absolutely love them. I have small feet so at first seemed like would be slipping around but once I got moving I truly was locked in. Especially on the get up with all the different angles and weight distribution it has been awesome to feel how solid I can be in a sock.

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