Let's Move Naturally

Why is Barefoot Exercise Better?

Harmful rigid traditional athletic shoes weakened our feet and altered our bodies' mechanics, leading to poor posture and adding stress on joints, which increases the risk of injury over time. We created a range of minimalist footwear to help you build more durable feet and promoting natural biomechanics to support your active lifestyle.


Shoes with narrow fit have a negative 

effect on foot health and body mechanics 


Americans have experienced foot problems

as a result of wearing ill-fitting shoes


Our Mission

Building a fitness movement that helps people move naturally


Free Your Feet

We welcome you to explore the world for 30 days

If your feet are not free and happy

We will take back your shoes, no worries


Natural foot movement is essential for proper body movement

 "The Nomad allows for the natural biomechanics of the foot and lower body like no other minimalist closed-toe shoe I’ve seen."

Daniel Howell, Ph.D. of Biology & Author of The Barefoot Book | Liberty University

Natural Movement 

No arch support , zero drop, and ultra-thin outsole

allows for natural foot movement 


Foot Shaped

Equal weight distribution allows for proper body alignment 


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Train Naturally


"Love my Lucys. I can sleep in them"

George C.

“It's amazing shoes.” 


Nick S.

"I really love the Lucy! They are exactly what I need for my wide feet."
Laura B.

"The barefoot concept and design of the Nomad allows me to maintain the barefoot sensation throughout my day, and allows my body to continue to build strength whether on or off my mat"

Ashley Williams | Yoga Therapist

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